Taxis — Cairo has a fleet of metered, air-conditioned Yellow and White Taxis with which you should book your taxi one hour before your journey (Tel: 16516-19155-19730). Ask your hotel desk for assistance (since most taxis drivers only speak Arabic, and the hotel desk can instruct the driver before-hand your destination). Taxis can provide receipts, but make sure the receipt printer is working before you take off. It is also preferable to agree with the taxi driver on the expected fee.


For those who know Arabic (or are with someone who does), other taxi options include the so-called (older) black-and-white taxis. These are the most common-found cabs in Cairo. However, these taxis’ drivers tend to be old, often have non-working meters, and certainly don’t speak foreign languages. Locals take these cabs because they’re considered the least expensive (e.g. short trips within a neighborhood: LE5; Zamalek district to downtown: LE8-10; downtown to Giza pyramids: LE35).


The alternative to these “black-and-white” taxis is the “Solid-White” taxis. These are modern sedans equipped with meters that are usually used, AC, and run on natural gas. Most tourists will pay less using these taxis than they’ll be able to negotiate with their non-metered competitors. They can be hailed from the street, and are common enough to be used perhaps exclusively (given a little patience) by any traveler. Compared to the black and white taxis, all tourists will find them more comfortable, and most – less expensive.